On Monday 12.04.2021 at 3:00 am we started our journey from Weimar to Aveiro. While we were walking to the train station it was snowing.

The street in front of our house in Weimar
Due to heavy luggage we had to take a short break on our walk to the train station.

From Weimar, we took the train to Frankfurt, where we boarded our plane to Aveiro at 9:30 am. We had a nice flight with a great view of the open sea.

After around 3 hours we arrived in Porto from where we took the train to Aveiro.

During our train ride we already saw a lot of the impressive portuguese countryside.
Two elderly portuguese men talking at a small train station.

Finally arrived in Aveiro we checked in at our AirBnB and explored the city a bit. The city is well known for its canals and its interesting downtown area.

One of the canals next to our AirBnB.

So far we have explored different parts of the city, which is larger than I initially thought. We visited the university of Aveiro (also called UA), the salt fields next to the city, the Ria de Aveiro (a lagoon close by) as well as Barra Beach.

Large palm trees on the campus of the UA.
The salt fields next to the city.
Anna at a large swimming pool next to the salt fields.
Anna at the Ria de Aveiro.
The lighthouse of Barra Beach.
Anna at the ocean.

A few impressions from our journey so far:

A small street next to the city center.
A couple of boats next to the salt fields.
A small bird snacking on a salt field.
Anna in front of a blue tiled wall.
Below a bridge at night.
Patterns on a salt field created by algae.
Anna caught off guard.
Smaller palm trees in the city park.

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