On the 23rd of January we went to Bologna, Italy.
We had a great view and Anna enjoyed her first flight.
An old city gate near to the train station
The city has many arcades and even the longest arcade path in the world.
Maybe some typical italian woman at a traffic light
An old shop in the city
Something that impressed us was the huge variety of different food.
We learned that the city is well known for it’s culinary specialties.
On the first two days we had luck with the weather and could enjoy the sunlit arcades.
Some graffiti next to our AirBnB.
The orange and brownish colored houses, that are typical for Italy made every street interesting through their variety.
An old italian woman in one of the city parks.
Taking a break at the piazza magiore
A not so well stiched panorama of the city taken from the basilica san petronio.
If you click on the image you can see it in full resolution.
On the next days we had a lot of clouds and some rain, but the streets still looked interesting and completely different.
In the back one of the two tilted towers of bologna can be seen.
The garisenda are a typical sight of bologna.
Because of the grey sky we decided to take the walk up to the sanctuary San Luca.
The walk goes through the longest arcade in the world. (and is mostly uphill which can be very exhausting)
Finally after a while we managed to arrive at the top of the mountain where the sanctuary is located.
On the way down we obviously had to do a photoshoot.
All in all it was an interesting trip and we had a lot of fun.

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