Gent, Belgium

View of Gent from the castle Gravensteen
Street Art in Gent
Canals in Gent
A statue inside the St.-Bavo-Cathedral
Lights and music for a peace event
Inside the city museum

Swanage, UK

Coastline next to Swanage
Stopping for a pint
Swanage bay (or a part of it at least)
Corfe castle inbetween the mountains
Corfe castle up close
Durdle Door
Coastline next to Durdle Door
Old Harrys Rocks
Old Harrys Rocks from afar
Old Harrys Rocks from above
Breaking waves
“Bending” waves


Lille Art museum

3 Replies to “Gent/Swanage/Lille”

  1. Charlotte Sterling says: Reply

    Positive News featured this photo of Old Harrys Rocks from afar – but identify where it was. It’s stunning.

  2. Charlotte Sterling says: Reply

    DIDN’T IDENTIFY where it was…sorry. You might let them know…unless that’s just the way they do business.

    1. Dear Charlotte,
      thank you for your reply.
      It is nice to see one of my images being used.
      Most likely they downloaded the image on my unsplash website where the location is stored as an additional information. I might get in touch with them. Thank you.

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