Greece – Athen/Santorini/Naxos/Paros


The columns of the parthenon on the acropolis
The erechtheion
Vanessa in the theatre of Dionysus
View of the acropolis from the hill of philosophers
One of the thousand stray cats relaxing in the evening sun
The top of the acroppolis museum against the evening sky
Athens central market
A home right beside a tourist area
Top of the church on lykavittos, a large moutain in Athen

People in Athen

Asian tourists after a photoshoot on the acropolis


An alley in oia
Fira at night
Cliffs in the south of Santorini
Windmills in the south of Santorini
Black sand on Santorini


Bay of Naxos
Naxos at sunset
Goats on a hike in Naxos
A church build inside the mountain next to Naxos


Cliffs next to Naoussa
The harbor of Naoussa

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